Communists: No Presidency In Ukraine

KIEV, Ukraine -- The Ukrainian Communist Party will propose in Parliament abolishing the post of president for being ineffective, the party´s press service said Sunday.

Its leader, Petro Symonenko, noted they will propose eliminating the post of president as it does not correspond to the nation´s centuries-long democratic traditions and has hampered state development.

Symonenko added the presidential form of government has proved to be fully ineffective and even harmful in the recent period of the nation´s modern history, stressing that a parliamentary republic was the most appropriate option for Ukraine.

While praising contributions of the political reform undertaken in the post-Soviet Ukraine, he highlighted it gave the most voted parliamentarian faction the right to form governments, define policies and control government activities.

Communists have 21 slots in the 450-seat Congress and compose the anti-crisis coalition formed in June by governing and majority Party of Regions and the Socialist Party.

Source: Prensa Latina