Yushchenko Yelled At Tymoshenko So That She Almost Cried

KIEV, Ukraine -- President Yushchenko and BYuT leader Yulia Tymoshenko started quarreling at the sitting of the second stage of the round table.

Yulia Tymoshenko - a woman scorned.

It happened during Tymoshenko’s speech when she refused to sign the document and congratulated the Party of Regions on its success.

Tymoshenko stressed her party would call the document the ‘Act of orange capitulation’.

“And this is true. We should admit things which cannot be hidden behind empty talks,” she noted.

“Political treachery, which is becoming a trend in Ukrainian politics, will turn into an infections disease,” she went on to say.

Having heard that, Yushchenko asked Tymoshenko to stick to the topic. In response she asked to let the opposition speak.

Yushchenko got irritated and replied: “This is not the Verkhovna Rada; it is not the market place!”

Tymoshenko did not let him finish and went on: “Our political force will never become traitors. We will not permit backstage intrigues.”

Yushchenko replied:

“In response to this demagogy I’d like to say the following: you don’t have the right to speak so because you were not a single time in the parliament! What version of the document would you like to sign: the first one, the fourth, the seventh?”

“To beat your chest and talk about patriotism and to do nothing to get things improved is idle talk,” said the president in irritation.

“BYuT will prove it has ideas and principles,” responded Tymoshenko. “That’s your right,” said Yushchenko, hardly keeping his temper.

During the quarrel Tymoshenko flushed and seemed to start crying but then collected herself and her cues became harsher.

Source: Ukrayinska Pravda