Yushchenko: Ukrainian - Sole National Language In Ukraine

LVIV, Ukraine -- Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko said the political leadership has been guided by European principles and standards while tackling the national language issue.

"The loss of the language is the loss of the nation and the loss of the foundations for national development.

Therefore, we are pursuing a policy compliant with European standards," Yushchenko said during celebrations of the 150th birth anniversary of Ukrainian poet, writer, social critic and political activist Ivan Franko.

"Ukrainian is and will remain our sole national language," Yushchenko said.

The Ukrainian president arrived in Lviv region on Sunday to attend events marking Ivan Franko's 150th birth anniversary. Yushchenko is expected to visit Ivan Franko's museum-estate in the village of Naguyevichi and lay flowers on his grave at the Lychakovskoye cemetery in Lviv.

Yushchenko will take part in a state award presentation ceremony.

Source: Interfax