Ukraine's Coalition Cabinet Approved

KIEV, Ukraine -- Viktor Yanukovich returned to power as Ukraine's prime minister on Friday. Parliament also voted to approve the government which is dominated by Yanukovich allies.

Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

Some ministers worked with Yanukovich when he was prime minister in 2002-04.

Here are the key cabinet posts:

PRIME MINISTER - VIKTOR YANUKOVICH (Regions): Defeated in the 2004 "Orange Revolution", Yanukovich heads the Regions party that has the biggest contingent in parliament. He favours closer ties with Russia and tax cuts for big business.

FINANCE MINISTER/FIRST DEPUTY PM - MYKOLA AZAROV (Regions): An ally of Yanukovich, Azarov is a technocrat. Ukraine's economy grew rapidly when he served as first deputy prime minister and finance minister during Yanukovich's first term.

DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER FOR ENERGY SECTOR - ANDRIY KLYUEV (Regions): Klyuev, a Yanukovich ally, is a wealthy businessman with interests in the machine-building sector.

ECONOMY MINISTER - VOLODYMYR MAKUKHA (Unaffiliated): He worked as a deputy foreign minister and was until now Ukraine's ambassador to Japan.

ENERGY MINISTER - YURI BOIKO (Unaffiliated): Former head of the state oil and gas company Naftogaz Ukrainy. He is an ally of Klyuev and worked previously with Yanukovich.

FOREIGN MINISTER - BORIS TARASYUK (Our Ukraine): Yushchenko used his presidential prerogative to reappoint Tarasyuk, a strong advocate of NATO and European Union membership for Ukraine, to the foreign affairs portfolio.

INTERIOR MINISTER - YURI LUTSENKO (Unaffiliated): Lutsenko was a leading figure in the Orange Revolution in 2004 and was appointed as interior minister in February 2005. A former member of the Socialist party he is now seen as loyal to Yushchenko. Lutsenko led several high profile criminal investigations against Yanukovich allies.

DEFENCE MINISTER - ANATOLY GRITSENKO (Unaffiliated): Gritsenko, who was kept in the job by Yushchenko, has launched reforms aimed at bringing Ukraine's armed forces into line with NATO standards.

TRANSPORT AND COMMUNICATIONS MINISTER - MYKOLA RUDKOVSKY (Socialist): Rudkovsky is a wealthy businessman, who likes to drive expensive cars and wear smart suits. He is also a long-term ally of parliamentary speaker Oleksander Moroz and was a driving force behinds the coalition.

JUSTICE MINISTER - ROMAN ZVARYCH (Our Ukraine): Justice minister in Yulia Tymoshenko's government from February to September 2005. Zvarych was accused by local media of providing improper information about his education and degrees. He denied all accusations but failed to present any documents on his legal education.

Source: Reuters