Retailer Says Cell Phone Sales In Ukraine At $623 Mln In Jan-Jun

MOSCOW, Russia -- The sales of mobile handsets in Ukraine amounted to U.S. $623.3 million in January-June, AVentures Group said in a report Tuesday.

In 2005, mobile handset sales in Ukraine stood at $762 million, AVentures Group said without giving the figure for January-June 2005.

Among other businesses, AVentures Group is engaged in mobile handset sales.

Russia's largest mobile handset retailer Euroset, which also operates a chain of outlets in Ukraine, said in July that mobile handset sales in Ukraine stood at $917 million in January-June.

AVentures Group estimated mobile handset sales in physical terms at 4.1 million units in January-June, down 31.7% on the year.

The average price of sold handsets in January-June amounted to $152, the group said.

Nokia accounted for 36% of total mobile handset sales, Samsung for 33%, BENQ-Siemens for 12%, Sony Ericsson for 9% and Motorola for 6.5%, AVentures Group said.

The average price of sold smartphones was at $342 in the period, the group said, adding that Nokia accounted for 88.5% of smartphones sales. AVentures Group did not provide figures for smartphones sales for January-June, saying that in January-March smartphone sales amounted to 185,000 units worth $63 million.

AVentures Group expects mobile handset sales in Ukraine to increase 67% on the year this year to 10 million units, including 520,000 of smartphones, due to low mobile penetration in Ukraine, which stood at about 32% as of December 31, 2005.

AVentures Group controls several wholesale and retail mobile handset companies, as well as companies engaged in other businesses.

Source: Cellular News