New WBC Champ Ready To Fight Klitschko

MOSCOW, Russia -- Russia’s heavyweight WBC champion Oleg Maskaev has accepted an offer to fight against IBF heavyweight champion Vladimir Klitschko, the agency reported. The date of the bout is to be set.

Ukranian boxer Klitschko celebrates as he is declared the winner and new IBF heavyweight champion in Mannheim

Maskaev said in an interview with the ESPN TV channel he is willing to fight against Klitschko. “I would like to have this bout but the schedule is problem. I need some time to recover,” he said.

Maskaev went to fight Hasim Rahman on August 12 with a back injury, and injured a thumb and the left arm’s elbow in the bout.

Vladimir Klitschko’s camp are not willing to put off a defense from November 11. Shannon Briggs is also named a likely candidate to fight Klitschko Jnr.

However, Maskaev and Klitschko’s managers already discussed financial terms of the deal. The Russian’s representative Dennis Rappaport said Ukraine’s Klitschko and his people agreed to divide the fight profits in half, though they earlier wanted to get all profits from TV broadcast in Germany.

Source: Kommersant