Mayor Raising Standards

KIEV, Ukraine -- Kyiv Mayor Leonid Chernovetskiy is trying to show that he is serious about raising the level of city services and tackling problems like traffic congestion.

Chernovetskiy has set his sights firmly on the capital’s roads, which have become overcrowded: the number of cars passing through the center increases every day, while sidewalk space is crowded out by construction sites.

Increased car sales and building projects testify to a vibrant economy, but the city must keep abreast of the growth with commensurate measures aimed at keeping it livable and attractive.

The practice of towing away and impounding vehicles has helped to bring some order.

At the end of July, the Kyiv City Administration introduced diversified parking tariffs, depending on parking zones.

One hour in the city center costs Hr 10 for a passenger vehicle. The tariffs are almost on a par with rates in Western countries and will be introduced very soon.

From Aug. 18 the mayor’s office plans to introduce chargeable parking lots at selected sidewalks.

It also wants to reorganize Kyivdorservis, the enterprise responsible for roads and other enterprises dealing with parking and transport.

Last week saw the creation of a coordinating body which aims to use high tech to regulate traffic.

All these initiatives are complemented by others, including new rules on the city’s markets aimed at improving hygiene and the look of buildings housing markets as well as eliminating unauthorized trade.

Ukraine’s aspirations towards Europe are a worthy goal, and the mayor should be commended for his initiatives.

However, raising public transport fares is expected to be discussed soon and it is important that people see better services and not just higher prices.

Otherwise, residents will feel cheated and alienated. In the race to bring Kyiv up to the standards of other European capitals it is important that the public does not equate municipal reforms or new services merely with higher prices.

Source: Kyiv Post


Anonymous said…
The Mayor should also tackle the hundreds of pot holes in Kiev streets.