Investigative Group Arrived In Bakhchisaray, Crimea

BAKHCHISARAY, Crimea -- About 300 people from each side participated in clashes between Slavs and Crimean Tatars in Bakhchisaray on August 12.

Bakhchisaray palace

Regnum was told at the Public Relations Center of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry Department in Crimea, that the clashes resulted in four people having bruises and grazes, another one has his leg broken. Dozens of injured were taken to a local hospital.

Bakhchisaray central street has been closed by a special security unit, security officials, leaders of the district administration, members of the parliament have gathered there.

Special forces unit divide Crimean Tatars from one side and the Slav population from another. The clashes have continued.

A large group aggressively inclined Crimean Tatars has approached the city from the Ai Petri Mountain; law enforcement officers are trying to stop them by firing in the air and using smoke-grenades. An operative investigation group arrived to Bakhchisaray from Simferopol.

As Regnum reported before, Crimean Tatars have been blockading the Slavic market since August 8, claiming to withdraw it from the place which is very close to a former burial ground of Muslims.

On August 11, Ukraine’s Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich issued a decree to free the market territory by September 11, but Crimean authorities refused to sign it.

Source: Regnum