Yushchenko Unready for Yanukovich

KIEV, Ukraine -- In the last effort to challenge creation of Anticrisis Cabinet of Viktor Yanukovich, the orange opposition left the Ukrainian Supreme Rada Thursday, pledging to boycott it till July 25, when President Viktor Yushchenko is authorized to dissolve the parliament and declare new elections.

Ukrainian riot police stand in formation as supporters of the Regions Party and its leader Viktor Yanukovich rally near the building of the Ukrainian parliament in Kiev

Thursday’s sitting of Supreme Rada began by an abrupt demarche of Bloc of Yulia Timoshenko faction. The deputies left parliament to protest against the Anticrisis Coalition of the Regions Party, Socialist Party and Communist Party.

On July 25, Timoshenko vowed when leaving the Rada, the president will execute his constitutional right and rule to hold early elections. Timoshenko also called on another orange party, pro-president’s Our Ukraine, to close ranks and prevent Viktor Yanukovich from getting the PM office.

The great fuss kicked up by Yulia Timoshenko will bear fruit only if it is backed up by Victor Yushchenko. The president is on the horns of a dilemma now, and his personal meeting with Regions Party leader Viktor Yanukovich apparently came to nothing despite the more than two-hour duration.

Asked by reporters whether and/or when Yushchenko will nominate him to the parliament as the future PM, Yanukovich recommended putting this question to the president, but confirmed the readiness to become the prime minister in Ukraine. Whether the president is ready for Yanukovich is yet unclear.

Source: Kommersant