Yushchenko May Give PM to Yanukovich

KIEV, Ukraine -- In the weekly radio address delivered by Viktor Yushchenko Saturday, the president of Ukraine hinted he may approve his long contender Viktor Yanukovich as the prime minister but if only the parliament swears in judges of the Constitutional Court.

Viktor Yanukovich (C)

As to the Regions Party leader Yanukovich, he apparently sees himself as the PM already and calls for material revision of domestic and foreign policy of Ukraine.

A white-and-blue coalition of the Regions Party, Communist Party and Socialist Party came as a total surprise for him, Yushchenko said, though he promptly responded to the new political environment in the country.

The unexpected shift of Socialist Party’s Leader Olexander Moroz from the Orange camp to the White-and-Blue is a matter of moral and ethical norms, the president told Inter TV Channel already late Friday.

“The battle for offices shouldn’t be of extent that brings to naught all human contacts, all previous history, destroying just everything.”

But despite the emphatic remarks of Yushchenko, he is likely to benefit from the Orange collapse. His key rival for popularity, Yulia Timoshenko, will hardly become the PM in Ukraine. And the overthrow of the Orange princess couldn’t be blamed on the president.

Moreover, Yushchenko made clear he hopes the pro-president Our Ukraine will joint a new coalition. He vowed to eye creation of a new political force and warned to act quickly or he may dissolve the Supreme Rada.

Under the Constitution of Ukraine, the president may dissolve the parliament should the new cabinet be not established within 60 days after resignation of the previous ministers (which happened May 25).

Yushchenko signaled actually he could back up Yanukovich as the prime minister. But the parliament should first swear in judges of the Constitutional Court that has been idle for half a year in Ukraine.

As this Court resolves whether the actions of legislators correspond to the laws of the country, the president needs it as the last lever to pressuarize the tough Supreme Rada.

Yushchenko also promised Ukraine will stick to the policy of European integration, “The chosen domestic and foreign policy will be unchanged,” the president said.

Source: Kommersant