Ukraine Parties Fail To Agree On NATO, Russia And The Status Of The Russian Language

KIEV, Ukraine -- At talks on overcoming the Ukrainian parliamentary crisis the country's political parties cannot agree on issues related to Ukraine's admission to NATO, on relations with Russia and the status of the Russian language, deputy chairman of the Party of Regions faction Yevgeny Kushnarev has said.

Yevgeny Kushnarev

"We don't object to the cooperation with NATO, but only the Ukrainian people in a referendum can solve the issue of the country's entry in NATO," Kushnarev said. According to him, attempts are being made to "make the party sign the formula of the agreement on Ukraine's admission to NATO."

"They are trying to force on us a formula under which the Russian language will further lead a miserable existence in our country," the parliamentarian said. According to Kushnarev, the Party of Regions is "for legal equality of the Ukrainian and Russian languages."

"And, finally, we are offered to go to Europe totally forgetting about the existence of Russia," the Party of Regions official pointed out. "However, we suggest that the text should contain mentioning of and clear-cut stance on good neighbourly relations with Russia and on continuation of talks on the Common Economic Space," Kushnarev said.

The Party of Regions accused the Our Ukraine faction in the Ukrainian parliament of blackmail that is used "as an instrument of pressure and intimidation by early elections."

"Our Ukraine has set the task to force on the possible wide-format coalition its ideology and lead the majority," it is said in a statement issued by the Party of Regions.

"We shall not tolerate blackmail and ultimatums. Any threats of the parliament dissolution are violation not only of the Constitution and the country’s legislation, but also a departure from the foundations of the world and European democracy," the statement says.

"Any unconstitutional actions will only aggravate the political crisis in the country," the party states. "The responsibility for this will fully rest with the Ukrainian president," it is said in the document.

Source: ITAR-Tass