Timoshenko Demands President Yushchenko To Prevent Coup D’etat

KIEV, Ukraine -- The Ukrainian parliamentary fraction led by Yulia TYmoshenko has written an open letter to President Viktor Yushchenko demanding him to prevent the coup d’etat in the state.

Yulia Tymoshenko believes there is a coup d'etat in the works in Ukraine

The letter says the first stage of the coup d’etat took place when the Supreme Rada chairman was illegitimately elected, Communist criminal majority appeared in the parliament through bribery and corrupt ways.

Representatives of this majority demonstrate anti-state, anti-Ukraine and anti-democratic position.

Tymoshenko thinks their policy will lead Ukraine to the danger of losing its state independence.

Tymoshenko offers the Ukrainian President to dissolve the parliament and declare new parliamentary elections in order to avoid this danger.

Source: APA