Russian TV Presenter Barred From Entering Ukraine

KIEV, Ukraine -- Ukraine has barred Russia’s top TV presenter Mikhail Leontiev from entering the country in what is seen as a response to his derogatory remarks about the Ukrainian nation and the president.

Mikhail Leontiev

Leontiev hosts a political analysis program on Russian’s pro-Kremlin TV network.

Ukrane’s Foreign Ministry confirmed Friday that Russian journalist Mikhail Leontiev had been barred from Ukraine.

“Indeed, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has received information from law-enforcement agencies about Mikhail Leontiev having been barred from Ukraine in accordance with the Ukrainian law,” the Foreign Ministry’s spokesman, Vasyl Filipchuk, said, according to Interfax.

He declined further comments and said that this matter is in the competence of the Security Service of Ukraine.

A source in the Ukrainian government said that Leontiev was barred from entering Ukraine. He said that the decision was made in connection with “Leontiev’s insulting statements which incited ethnic hatred and endangered Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty”.

The source said that Leontiev repeatedly made statements that Ukraine is split and that the Ukrainian nation does not exist. The source said the statements were also insulting to the president of Ukraine.

Source: MosNews