NATO Eyes Ukraine’s Military-Industrial Complex

KIEV, Ukraine -- The NATO member countries are interested in products of Ukraine’s military-industrial complex (MIC), stated Michel Duray, Director of the NATO Information and Documentation Center in Ukraine.

Ukrainian T-72 tank

“Today, almost 11 NATO countries use weapons in the former Soviet arsenal and are not about ot give up their use… so there is a niche here,” the Alliance representative stated. He added, that “everything depends on marketing and the desire of Ukraine’s MIC to find opportunities on this market”.

In the opinion of Duray, the statement that during cooperation or Ukraine’s entry into the Alliance the MIC will be destroyed is false. “We need to look into the future. We need to understand that the Soviet Union no longer exists and we need to find new niches and convert what is possible,” he added, reports Trend.

Duray also stated that today NATO actively cooperates with Russia and there is a representative of Russia’s MIC in NATO, “but there is not yet a representative of Ukraine in this sphere.”

According to Duray, NATO hopes that “the new government of Ukraine will continue the country’s course towards Euro-Atlantic integration.”

Source: Trend