Memorial To Babi Yar Massacre Damaged; Ukrainian Jews Condemn Vandalism

KIEV, Ukraine -- A memorial near the site where Nazis killed tens of thousands of Ukrainian Jews was badly vandalized over the weekend, a Jewish leader said Monday.

Ukraine's Jewish community condemned the damage as a disturbing act of anti-Semitism.

Unidentified vandals smashed the inscription plate on the menorah-shaped memorial, erected in 1991 by the Jewish community near the site of the World War II massacre. In September 1941, Nazis marched tens of thousands of local Jews to the edge of the Babi Yar ravine and shot them.

More than 33,700 Jews were killed in a few days, and within months the toll is believed to have reached more than 100,000, including thousands of Red Army prisoners of war and resistance fighters.

"Police are saying they have no leads, except that they are classifying it as hooliganism - this was not mere hooliganism," said Volodymyr Kadman, spokesman for the All-Ukrainian Jewish Congress. He noted that the vandals would have had to come prepared to break the glass covering the inscription plate.

Vadym Rabynovych, head of the All-Ukrainian Jewish Congress, appealed to authorities to provide 24-hour security for the site. But Kadman said the Jewish community had received no response and was not going to wait. Rabynovych called a special meeting to discuss organizing security on their own and setting up security cameras to monitor the memorial.

Kiev police officials could not immediately be reached to comment.

President Viktor Yushchenko has announced tentative plans for a high-profile service this September to remember Babi Yar victims, inviting numerous heads of state, including U.S. President George W. Bush. Ukrainian Jews have welcomed the plans, but said the government needs to do more to combat anti-Semitism after some high profile attacks on Jews last year.

Source: AP


Anonymous said…
No need to look any further for the guilty. Russophiles have used this tactic for hundreds of years to deflect criticism from those they exploit.
Anonymous said…
To the previous commentor:

Next time, you could just bleat, "Four legs good, two legs bad."
Anonymous said…
How Orwellian according to google.

I am not sure what the legs mean, but it is a common tactic of the Kremlin to stage these acts of antisemitism in Poland, Ukraine , etc so that the world continues its oblivion to the fact that the Kremlin has killed more Jews ( and humans) than any other entity in the history of the world.
Anonymous said…
The Orwell quote was to illustrate the fact that there is a certain category of net commentators who are more than willing to reflexively ascribe (like the bleating sheep in Animal Farm) ANY bad thing happening in Ukraine, Poland and elsewhere to the machinations of the Kremlin. This is, of course, usually claimed without any kind of proof, other than the "well, everyone knows Russians are bastards." Doesn't work.

You could try to reverse the trend, by citing how many Jews were killed by Russians, as opposed to say, Germans. You could also attempt to offer some kind of proof that anti-Semitism in Ukraine is the fault of Russia. Start with the Haydamaki, perhaps, and continue with with slaughters of Jews (Poles, too) in Western Ukraine. You can bring it right up to the present day MAUP, showing how the latter is a Russian plot to make a Ukrainian-language institution and the Ukrainian Conservative Party look bad.) It should be entertaining.
Anonymous said…
"The Orwell quote was to illustrate the fact that there is a certain category of net commentators who are more than willing to reflexively ascribe (like the bleating sheep in Animal Farm) "

I questioned the quote you made since it had nothing to do with the topic of Russian Genocide and coverup.

Orwell's quote relates his disallusionment with communism since exploitation in Russia was as bad as in capitalism.

Nevertheless your motive is now clear and you are a Holdomor denier. So lets raise the ante.

Explain why Russia was not responsible for the deaths of over 70 million in the last century.
Anonymous said…
The topic was _not_ Russian genocide. It was "Memorial To Babi Yar Massacre Damaged; Ukrainian Jews Condemn Vandalism".

If you were the original poster, you made the usual unsubstantiated claim that it was Russians that vandalized the memorial.

Not only do you offer no proof for your claim, you then move to change the subject ("let's raise the ante" = "I'm not willing to talk about what Ukrainians have done to Jews") _and_ make an absurd accusation of Holodomor denial.

Here's a tip for you: stick to the subject at hand. YOU made the claim that anti-Semitism in Ukraine is the fault of Russia; I offered you some examples of clearly non-Russian Ukrainian anti-Semitic actions.

Why bring up Russian-initiated genocides, other than to shift blame away from Ukrainians, for what they have done to Jews in the past? You are doing precisely what you accuse Russia of doing, in seeking to deflect blame.

I make no apologies for Russian genocides: the evidence is there. Denying Ukrainians' atrocities against Jews is precisely what I would _not_ expect from a formerly oppressed people.

You want to talk about Russian atrocities? Fine, I have no problem with that. But let's first deal with the subject _yuou_ brought up, shall we?
Anonymous said…
The fact that you equate Russian Genocide with anything else establishes you as a Holodmor denier.

What part of 70 million murders AND its cover up do you not understand?
Anonymous said…
I see how this is meant to go now.

You say "Russians are responsible for anti-Semitism in Ukraine."

I reply "It's not only Russians - there is homegrown Ukrainian anti-Semitism and there has always been."

You say, "Russians killed lots of people and you're a Holodomor denier."

I say, "Yes, Russians did kill a lot of people, but what does that have to do with your claim that they're responsible for anti-Semitism in Ukraine."

You say "Russians killed lots of people and you're a Holodomor denier."

In the end, I say, "If you want to talk about Russian genocides - please, let's, but are you genetically incapable of discussing anti-Semitism in Ukraine?"
Anonymous said…
Perhaps you have as much trouble understanding Orwell as you do me.

I maintain that Russophiles contrive these incidents in Ukraine, in Poland, and even in their own country to put their enemies in an adverse media light.

This pits their foes against each other. Like I said, the Kremlin has killed more Jews than Hitler yet they make the perception that Poland and Ukraine (who fight in the Middle East to help Israel)are anti Semitic.

You do know the derivation for the word "pale" as in "beyond the pale". Thats when another era Kremlin banished all Jews from Russia.

Yes, anytime the anti Yushchenko machine ramps up, we get the anti semitic thing from the Russophiles
Anonymous said…
PS. I see today that thousands in Kiev protested in support of Israel and the War on Terror.

Poland and Ukraine have sent soldiers to the Mid East to help Israel.

Russophiles send Katyushas to Israel - one way.
Anonymous said…
You can maintain whatever you like: lacking proof, you might as well maintain that Yushchenko can fly.

For an alternate viewpoint, you can look at the clearly non-Russophile websites of UNA-UNSO, the "Svoboda" Party, the Ukrainian Conservative Party or MAUP. Of course, you can then maintain that they are are Russian fronts, which would be a truly hilarious thing to say.

I did read about the demonstration, and noted -- as you apparently missed -- that most of the participants were Ukrainian _Jews._
Anonymous said…
"For an alternate viewpoint, you can look at the clearly non-Russophile websites of UNA-UNSO, the "Svoboda" Party, the Ukrainian Conservative Party or MAUP"

Why do you put credence in these fanatic groups? Unless you aim to confuse by suggesting they represent Ukraine.

And why arent the demonstrating Jews Ukrainian. And why isnt Russia fighting with us instead of against us in the middle east?

We know what you are.
Anonymous said…
UNA-UNSO is led by Shkil. Fanatic, yes, but also member of BYuT. Tyahnybok was a member of Our Ukraine, until quite rightly booted by Yushchenko, after the former's screed against Jews. MAUP is a very large university, with 50 000 students. Hardly marginals.

And "we" know what you are.

Why Russia isn't fighting with "us" (I take it you mean the USA) in the Middle East is beyond me. I will tell you one thing, however: those "Katyusha" rockets are not supplied by Russia. "Katyusha" is a generic term for any battery of non-guided rocket artillery.
Anonymous said…
Lets hear you trot out the rest of the party line:

The last time I looked, there were quite a few countries fighting with us in the middle east.

Poland, Ukraine, UK, Canada,.... but not Russia who is flooding the worlds terrorists with cheap weaponry of all sorts.