Yanukovych's Party Blocks Rostrum In Ukraine's Parliament

KIEV, Ukraine -- Members of Ukraine's Party of Regions have blocked the rostrum in the country's parliament Tuesday in a bid to thwart a session of the Supreme Rada.

Viktor Yanukovych's party, which won the largest share of the parliamentary vote, has declared itself in opposition to the Ukrainian authorities and the new parliamentary coalition, which comprises Western-leaning "orange" groups.

"They will not let any action take place in parliament," said Yevgeny Kushnarev, a Party of Regions leader.

Pro-presidential grouping Our Ukraine, Yulia Tymoshenko's bloc, and the Socialist Party agreed to form a coalition majority in the Rada June 22, after months of political wrangling following elections in March 26.

The new coalition is entitled to appoint the prime minister and most Cabinet members.

Source: RIA Novosti


MattyJ said…
I guess that dashes any hope of the beginning of mature Ukrainian politics. Looks like the usual brawls and tantrums are back on
Anonymous said…
It seems a case of "Once a thug, always a thug!"
Anonymous said…
Yanukovich is not only an ex-con and a bandit, but he is also totally stupid.
A J Morrow said…
What a sad situation for the people of ukraine and others around the world who love the people and country.. For those of us who have watched the country since independance, we have had such highs and now....lows. Why cannot the RADA understand they are tearing the country apart...Our prayers are with the country....Joe