Ukraine President Demands Action

KIEV, Ukraine -- President Viktor Yushchenko said his former ally Yulia Tymoshenko was entitled to become Prime Minister again, but added it was up to her to end bickering among liberals and quickly form a government.

Viktor Yushchenko (L) and Yulia Tymoshenko

Speaking after parties backing the 2004 "Orange Revolution" failed in a new bid to produce a coalition government, the president said Ukraine had been plunged into a political crisis which had to be quickly resolved.

It was logical, he said, for Ms Tymoshenko to be restored to the job of Prime Minister, from which he sacked her last year, as she led the liberal group with the most seats after a March election.

"I believe that the politician seeking to become prime minister must take responsibility for creating a coalition," he said in a radio address.

"The results of the election show that the people are prepared to give the orange team a second chance. But the people also demand greater responsibility and greater effort in seeking compromise and reaching agreements."

Liberal parties behind the 2004 revolution against election fraud, which propelled the pro-Western Mr Yushchenko to power, have been locked in talks on forming a government since the poll.

The main stumbling bloc has been Mr Tymoshenko's insistence on being restored as premier and the president's reluctance to see her back in the job.

Mr Yushchenko dismissed her eight months into her mandate at the head of a government riven by infighting. New constitutional rules have cut the president's powers and give parliament the job of choosing the premier, but he still plays a key role.

The new parliament met for the first time in late May, but has gone into recess twice to allow talks to continue.

Mr Yushchenko blamed the deadlock on "plain old negotiating over jobs" and "political irresponsibility of big party chiefs".

There would be no new elections, he said.

Source: Reuters


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