Ukraine Parliament To Choose PM

KIEV, Ukraine -- Members of parliament in Ukraine are due to vote to elect the country's new prime minister on Thursday.

Former PM Yulia Tymoshenko will be nominated for the position as her political bloc won the most seats out of the ruling coalition.

The governing coalition is made up of the pro-Western parties that supported the mass protests of the so-called Orange revolution.

But the appointment could be delayed because of a protest by the opposition.


More than three months after the parliamentary election, MPs will vote on the nomination of Ms Tymoshenko, which should be a formality as she is the choice of the governing coalition.

The process is due to take place in parliament, but since Tuesday the building has been blocked.

Inside the chamber, MPs belonging to the pro-Russian opposition party are staging a sit-in to prevent parliament from working.

They say that the ruling coalition is not acting in a constitutional manner and that the opposition has not been given any of the influential committee posts.

The opposition says its MPs will blockade parliament 24 hours a day for the next four weeks in an attempt to force a new election to be called.

Analysts believe this action is being taken to weaken the position of the Orange coalition, which took months to create.

This is not the first time that Ukraine's parliament has faced a blockade.

When it happened in the past, MPs held their session in another building in the capital.

It is thought that this option is being considered.

Source: BBC News