Turkish Coast Guard Seizes Contraband Weapons From Ukraine On British-Flagged Ship

ISTANBUL, Turkey -- Turkish coast guard officials have seized undeclared military cargo from a British ship that was heading from a Ukrainian port.

Eight of the detained crew are Ukrainian citizens, RIA Novosti reports.

On Monday, Turkish customs officials carried out a search of the British-flagged ship named ’Scan Bothnia’ at Derince port off the Istanbul coast and discovered a cargo of six all-purpose military armored cars, twenty cases of heavy caliber guns, ammunition and assorted spare parts.

The ship had been loaded at a Ukrainian port, and United Arab Emirates was declared as the destination of the cargo.

Ships passing through the Bosphorous are obliged by Turkish law to declare cargo of guns or other military equipment.

The ship has been detained at the Derince port for further investigation.

Source: MosNews