Russian Organizations Stirring Dissent In Ukraine - Security Chief

KIEV, Ukraine -- Russian public organizations have provoked anti-government activities in the Black Sea province of Crimea and other regions of Ukraine, a national newspaper quoted the head of the Ukrainian Security Service as saying Friday.

Eurasia Youth Union

Ihor Drizhchany's comments follow recent demonstrations in the Crimea against Ukraine's bid to join NATO, the blockading of a U.S. vessel docked off the peninsular, the banning of two senior Russian parliamentarians from entering the country in early June and the deportation of a Russian public organization leader.

In an interview with Facts and Commentaries, Drizhchany said Russian organizations "are active in the Crimea, in the south and east of Ukraine, and on the border with Transdnestr [a self-proclaimed republic in Moldova], provoking their members and the Ukrainian population to carry out anti-government activities."

In particular, the security chief named the Russian organizations Proryv ("breakthrough"), the Eurasian Youth Union and the Russian Bloc. Alexei Dobychin, Proryv leader, was deported from Ukraine June 21.

"We can trace their links to Russian politicians, and also to representatives of the executive," Drizhchany said. "And, naturally, we do not approve of such activities and will step up measures to counter them."

He added that the security service would act "exclusively in line with Ukrainian law."

Drizhchany said he was concerned over the situation in Crimea, which is an autonomous republic on the Black Sea with a large proportion of ethnic Russians. "We believe that a certain model for destabilizing the situation on a national level is being developed there," he said.

Source: RIA Novosti