Personal Ambitions Main Problem Facing Coalition - Yushchenko

KIEV, Ukraine -- Ukraine's president said Tuesday the most difficult issues to be resolved before a parliamentary coalition could be formed were distribution of posts and spheres of responsibility among future Cabinet members.

Ukraine's parliamentary life has been in limbo since elections on March 26 failed to produce a clear winner. Negotiations on forming a coalition between the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc, pro-presidential grouping Our Ukraine and the Socialist Party have been complicated over disagreements on who should assume key positions in the future government.

"The ambitions of members of the coalition will be the most difficult issue," Yushchenko said, calling on the media and society to show patience during the process.

He said he would meet later Tuesday with leaders of parliamentary factions that had agreed to form a majority coalition to work out a clearer position on the issue.

Parliament officially opened May 25, but has been hamstrung by the lack of a coalition, as the wrangling over the prime minister's chair and policy differences over Europe and NATO membership have prevented the three would-be members from signing a final document.

"It may be necessary to conduct another round of consultations, after which I would be able to formulate a more clear opinion," Yushchenko said.

Our Ukraine's Roman Zvarych said on Monday that work on a draft agreement to establish a parliamentary coalition in Ukraine had been virtually completed.

Yushchenko previously said a coalition agreement had to be signed before the first session of parliament. If parliamentarians fail to strike an agreement within a month after the parliament starts work, the president is entitled to disband the legislature and call new elections.

Source: RIA Novosti


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I urge United States and Europe to help the Ukraine and our president Uschenko in the strugle to become truly democratic and independent from Russian political and economical threats and dependancy!