U.S. Envoy Pledges Support to Ukraine in Revising Russia Gas Deal

KIEV, Ukraine -- Ukraine can count on support from the United States if it wishes to reconsider its gas deal with Russia, U.S. Ambassador told a local daily.

John Herbst said in an interview published in the Saturday issue of the Den (Day) daily that if the Ukrainian government comes to a conclusion that the gas agreements with Russia should be reconsidered it can expect support from the U.S., which has pointed to certain problems in this issue since the very beginning of the gas price dispute with Russia, the Interfax news agency reported.

At the same time, Herbst did not specify what support Ukraine could expect and suggested that Ukraine should find where it stands in this issue itself. Herbst also said he believes Ukraine’s convergence with NATO should not worsen Kiev’s relations with Moscow or any other country.

The ambassador described current relations between Ukraine and the U.S. as very good.

Among the steps that confirm this he mentioned the renewal of the Generalized System of Preferences, bilateral agreements on World Trade Organization membership, the granting of market economy status to Ukraine, and the lifting of the Jackson-Vanik Amendment in relation to Ukraine.

All these steps signal the progress that Ukraine has made in its reforms, he said.

Herbst will conclude his diplomatic mission in Ukraine in May.

Source: MosNews