Opinion Poll: Almost 50% Of Ukrainians Support Reviving The Orange Revolution Coalition

KIEV, Ukraine -- Almost 50 percent of Ukrainians want the former Orange Revolution allies to reunite and form the governing coalition in the new parliament, according to an opinion poll published Wednesday.

Yulia Tymoshenko (L) and Olexander Moroz

The poll by the Democratic Initiatives Foundation found 47.1 percent of respondents supporting a coalition of President Viktor Yushchenko's party, the bloc of his estranged ally Yulia Tymoshenko and the Socialist Party. That is several percentage points higher than the share those three parties totaled in March 26 elections.

Talks to get a new government in place have dragged on since the election, in which no party won a majority. The Party of Regions, led by Yushchenko's Orange Revolution foe Viktor Yanukovych, was the single largest vote-getter.

Support for a coalition between Yushchenko's and Yanukovych's parties was nearly 38.5 percent, the poll found.

The Orange Revolution consisted of a month of massive protests in Kyiv that broke out after a fraud-plagued presidential election that official results showed Yanukovych winning. The Supreme Court eventually ordered a rerun, which Yushchenko won and the Western-leaning reformer took office in January 2005.

However, his tenure has been troubled by infighting, most notably with Tymoshenko, whom he named prime minister but then dismissed in September.

Tymoshenko wants to be restored to the premiership, which appears to be the key issue blocking establishment of a coalition.

The poll found that 35.2 percent of those surveyed supported Yanukovych for the prime minister job, with 31.6 percent wanting to see Tymoshenko in this position. All other candidates were far behind.

The newly elected parliament must convene by the end of May. Once parliament meets, it will have one month to form a coalition - or risk having Yushchenko dissolve it and call new elections. The parliamentary coalition gets to name the prime minister and many of the Cabinet jobs.

The poll surveyed 2,030 Ukrainians from April 27 to May 4. The margin of error was 2.2 percent.

Source: AP