Oh Lordi! Rockers Take Eurovision

LONDON, UK -- Finnish 'horror rock' band Lordi astonished Eurovision viewers when they stormed to victory at this years contest.

Finland's Lordi celebrate after winning the 51st Eurovision song contest at the Athens Olympic Indoor Hall

Monstrous looking Lordi - who have one member who looks like a 'Star Trek' Klingon - scored a massive 292 points in the annual European singing contest - 44 ahead of runners up Russia.

The rock band won voters over with their song 'Hard Rock Hallelujah' despite the competition being traditionally associated with catchy pop tunes and heartfelt ballads.

Leadsinger, also called Lordi, said: "We are a rock band and we just won Eurovision - that's weird. This was a victory for rock music and also a victory for open-mindedness. This is proof that there are rock fans who watch Eurovision."

Not only was the victory a surprise because of the band's style and performance, which included fire jets and monster costumes, but the record point score was also a shock.

Eastern European countries traditionally collude with each other in the contest, and ensure their neighbours are given the most points.

Ukraine's Tina Karol came in 7th with her song 'Show me your love'.

But this year voting broke with tradition across the whole of Europe, ensuring that Lordi's win was spectacular.

Though a big contrast to Russia's second-placed entry, which included a routine with a ballerina emerging from a piano, Lordi are keen to assert that they are just good musicians.

Lordi said: "We have nothing to do with Satan worshipping or anything like that - this is entertainment."

Britain's own entry, 'Teenage Life' by rapper Daz Sampson only managed to come 19th out of 24 countries.

Finland's win means that they will host the contest next year.

Source: BANG Media International