Ukrainian Parliament Hosts Another Round Of Coalition Talks

KIEV, Ukraine -- Ukraine's parliament is hosting another round of talks on the formation of an "orange" coalition to satisfy legal requirements for a majority in the legislature.

Tymoshenko (L) and Yushchenko (R) during their honeymoon. Can they ever get back together?

Former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko's bloc is meeting Monday with pro-presidential bloc Our Ukraine and the Socialist Party to discuss signing an agreement on forming a coalition in the Supreme Rada.

The talks, being held behind the closed doors, are the latest in a string of consultations on forming a coalition proposed by Tymoshenko after parliamentary elections March 26. Tymoshenko's bloc gained more votes than the other two parties at the talks but still finished second behind the pro-Russian Party of Regions in the poll.

Tymoshenko said earlier that the coalition would be effective under two conditions: First, that she be re-appointed prime minister, and second that the coalition not cooperate with the Party of Regions, led by former presidential candidate Viktor Yanukovych.

President Viktor Yushchenko dismissed Tymoshenko and her government in September 2005 after a clash that saw Tymoshenko's ministers and several members of the president's inner circle trade allegations of corruption.

The March 26 vote saw the Party of Regions come out on top but without enough seats to form a majority in the 450-seat Supreme Rada, or parliament. Under the Ukrainian Constitution, the Rada must form a coalition majority within 30 days of the new parliament starting work, and appoint a new government in the next 30 days.

Source: RIA Novosti