Ukraine’s Choice Is EU, Not Russia

KIEV, Ukraine -- As Ukraine has chosen “the road of democratic development”, attempts to force the country to make a choice between the EU and Russia are provocative, the Foreign Minister Borys Tarasyuk told UNIAN news agency.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Borys Tarasyuk

“Ukraine has conscientiously chosen the road of democratic development, European and Euro-Atlantic integration, as stipulated by the Supreme Rada (parliament).

That is why the question about the choice is provocative in itself. The choice has been made. Once and for all,” Tarasyuk answered a question regarding a recent statement by his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov to the effect that sometimes certain European countries urge Ukraine to choose whether it is with Russia or with Europe.

He stressed, however, that Ukraine is not on the receiving end of either the EU policy or the Russia’s policy, and it can decide independently how it should shape its own foreign political course.

“That is why, prior to making such comments, I think one should have first asked Ukraine about its choice,” he said.

But Tarasyuk noted that Ukraine, just like the EU, believes it is necessary to closely cooperate with Russia and that it should become a democratic and predictable partner, as this, without a doubt, is in line with our national interests.

In this context, the development of equal partnership with Russia on mutually beneficial terms has been and will remain one of Ukraine’s foreign political priorities.

Source: MosNews