Ukraine CEC Announces Official Results Of March Polls

KIEV, Ukraine -- After two weeks of vote counting Ukraine’s Central Election Commission on Monday announced official results of the March 26 parliamentary elections.

Yaroslav Davydovich, head of Ukraine's Central Election Commission formally announces the results of the March 26 parliamentary election in Kiev April 10, 2006.

The opposition Party of Regions led by former Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich received 32.14 percent of votes, former Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko 22.29 percent, the pro-presidential Our Ukraine bloc 13.95 percent, the Socialist Party 5.69 percent, and the Communist Party 3.66 percent.

Several parties and blocs failed to overcome the 3-percent barrier. These include Natalia Vitrenko’s People’s Opposition bloc received 2,93 percent of votes, Vladimir Litvin’s bloc 2.44 percent, the Kostenko and Plyushch Bloc 1.87 percent, the Veche party 1.74 percent, Pora-PRP 1.47 percent, Not So! Bloc 1.01 percent. Other parties and bloc received less than 1 percent.

Now that the results have been announced, the main question is which parties and blocs will team up to form a parliamentary majority to create a government and elect a new prime minister.

The results of the elections, which for the first time were held by party lists, were announced despite some political forces’ demands for vote recounting.

Central Election Commission Chairman Yaroslav Davidovich said of more than 300 complaints received by the commission “some were rejected because there was no subject to consider: all claims of vote theft from one party in favour of another were not confirmed.”

Davidovich said the Central Election Commission had worked “in an independent and unbiased manner, in compliance with the norms of law.”

“The organisational measures undertaken by the commission ensured transparent and free elections,” he said.

Fifty-three political parties and blocs announced their decision to run for the parliament. Forty-five were registered.

Davidovich said the elections had cost 631,234,000 hryvnas (about 126 million U.S. dollars). Most of this money (83 percent) went to territorial election commissions, he said.

Source: ITAR-Tass