Supreme Rada of Ukraine Refuses to See President

KIEV, Ukraine -- The last scheduled sitting of Ukrainian parliament, Supreme Rada, was stormy. The deputies voted for canceling immunity of their colleagues in the local councils Tuesday morning.

They then disrupted the midday meeting and attained the ultimate purpose of the day after lunch, when they managed to prevent President Yushchenko from swearing in the Constitutional Court’s judges in the Rada.

The yesterday’s sitting of Supreme Rada was far from peaceful. President Viktor Yushchenko, for instance, was willing to attend it to swear in the Constitutional Court’s judges.

Just to be on the safe side, Yushchenko and Supreme Rada’s Speaker Vladimir Litvin talked over the ceremony in advance. In the next effort, Litvin agreed on the visit with faction leaders and candidate judges were duly invited to Rada.

As it turned out, however, not all deputies favored the ceremony. In short, Litvin spent more than three hours to calm down opponents, urging them to get back to work and surviving even the great amount of ammonia spirit poured under his chair.

The sources say off-the-record, Litvin and Yushchenko clinched a deal, whereby the speaker would ensure the judges’ oath in exchange for a good office for himself. Outsider of the latest election in Ukraine, Litvin is leaving the Rada.

Unable, perhaps, to spot any personal benefits in the ceremony, the deputies refused to obey Tuesday. In theory, Litvin has some time left to right himself. For this purpose, he has to convene extraordinary plenary meeting of deputies in the near weeks.

The thing is that Ukrainian legislators will last meet on April 26, on day of Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe. On that day, however, they will take no decisions but focus on aftereffects of nuclear plant’s explosion, take memory pictures and close the sitting.

Source: Kommersant