Our Ukraine, Party Of Region, Agree On Would-Be Premier

KIEV, Ukraine -- The pro-presidential Our Ukraine bloc and the opposition Party of Regions, led by Viktor Yanukovich, have agreed on the formation of a coalition in the parliament of Ukraine.

Multimillionaire Serhey Taruta

This sensational report was circulated on Friday by a number of electronic mass media organs of Ukraine with reference to reliable sources.

According to their information, the parties reached agreement on Thursday night that Serhey Taruta, chairman of the board of directors of the Industrial Union of Donbass Corporation and one of the three Ukrainian multimillionaires, would be nominated to the post of prime minister.

President Viktor Yushchenko, who is in Latvia on a visit, sent a message from there on Thursday giving his consent to the formation of a coalition by Our Ukraine and the Party of Regions, the sources report.

The political council of the Party of Regions adopted a resolution at its meeting on Thursday, which said that the party would hold talks on the formation of a parliamentary coalition with all the political forces, qualified for the new Supreme Rada, without exception. Yanukovich expressed confidence that the coalition formed by Our Ukraine and the Party of Regions could be the most effective.

Previously the observers forecast that Taruta could well be regarded as a candidate to the post of prime minister. In their opinion, he will be a “technical premier,” because he does not have “clear political orientation.”

This is exactly the thing that could suit both Our Ukraine and the Party of Regions. On the one hand, Taruta comes from Donetsk. On the other hand, he supported the “orange revolution.”

The Party of Regions got 32.14 per cent of votes (186 seats in parliament) at the March 26 parliamentary elections. The Yulia Timoshenko bloc got 22.29 per cent of votes (129 seats).

The pro-presidential Our Ukraine bloc, with Prime Minister Yuri Yekhanurov on the top of the electoral list, got 13.95 per cent of votes (81 seats). The Socialist Party led by Alexander Moroz got 5.69 per cent of votes (33 seats), and the Communist Party led by Peter Simonenko got 3.66 per cent of votes (21 seats).

There are 450 seats in the Ukrainian parliament. A minimum of 226 MPs is needed for forming a parliamentary majority. If Our Ukraine and the Party of Regions form a coalition, it will have a total of 267 seats.

Source: ITAR-Tass