Kuchma Thinks Yushchenko Will Loose Under Tymoshenko’s Premiership

KIEV, Ukraine -- Former president Kuchma disagrees the coalition of Our Ukraine bloc and the Party of Regions may undermine Yushchenko’s chances to be reelected president for the second time.

Ex-President Leonid Kuchma

“Next elections will take place in three years but Yushchenko may loose if he fails to overcome today’s crisis”, Kuchma said in the interview to Profile edition.

Kuchma added that the president should unite the country instead of thinking about elections.

In his opinion nobody has doubts in orange coalition and Yuliya Tymoshenko’s premiership.

According to Kuchma the Party of Regions as the winner of the parliamentary elections might have formed a coalition and the other configurations may exist only in case of its failure.

Among the problems of the future “orange coalition” the former president called “the ideological incompatibility of its members”.

Yushchenko and Yekhanurov should understand that to achieve success in economics they have to carry out unpopular reforms which were suspended early in 2005.

Kuchma pointed out that the political views of “orange” forces differ cardinally so they can hardly work efficiently. For instance Our Ukraine, having liberal views, comes forward for land privatization unlike opposing SPU and BYuT.

Kuchma reminded that the former government had already raised the problem of land privatization but the Left headed by Moroz hampered its realization.

Kuchma welcomes Yushchenko’s demand to approve the program before sharing posts in the government.

But being asked whether there is any danger the prime-minister does not fulfill the president’s program, he assured that the coalition will bear responsibility for the premier’s activity.

Source: Ukrayinska Pravda