Council Of Europe Will Not Cancel Monitoring Ukraine

STRASBOURG, France -- Council of Europe is not going to cancel the procedure of monitoring Ukraine.

After announcing positive report about democratic elections in Ukraine, co-reporter of PACE Monitoring Committee Hanne Severinsen declared that this conclusion would contribute to stoppage of further monitoring of Ukraine. But Kyiv has to make great efforts for this, specified Severinsen.

According to her, holding of free elections in Ukraine is a great step towards stoppage of monitoring by PACE, but not the last one. “We don’t need to continue paying attention to elections.

But now monitoring should help to see the way Constitutional court functions, as well as other state institutes do, especially General Office of Public Prosecutor. There are a lot of problems there,” noted Severinsen, UNIAN reported.

According to Severinsen, PACE Monitoring Committee hopes for effective cooperation with new Ukrainian government and parliament with the framework of realization of Venetian commission.

First of all, the matter concerns supremacy of law and effective work of state institutes, for which it is needed to strictly distribute plenary powers between power’s branches. PACE co-reporter supposes that the next visit to Kyiv will take place in autumn.

Source: ForUm