Yushchenko’s Party Demands Renunciation of Anti-Semitism

KIEV, Ukraine -- The Our Ukraine bloc, the party of President Viktor Yushchenko, has issued a demand that the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management (MAUP) renounce its policy of anti-Semitism, the Ukrainian news agency UNIAN reported.

Yushchenko himself had previously condemned MAUP, which is the largest private higher education institution in Ukraine, with tens of thousands of students in several campuses. Not all the students share the ideas of the rector and his cronies.

According to a statement issued by the bloc and received by UNIAN, the incitement of inter-ethnic enmity, anti-Semitism, and xenophobia by individual MAUP leaders on the pages of press MAUP controls constitutes a serious violation of human rights and casts a shadow on Ukraine, which after the events of the Orange Revolution set out on the path of democratic change.

"Our Ukraine believes that such activity is inadmissible in our country, especially in a period when the creation of an open civil society is taking place," Our Ukraine's statement declared.

"After the Orange Revolution, which in the eyes of the international community confirmed Ukraine as the heart of a new democracy, anti-Semitic attacks by MAUP have a destructive influence on the image of our country and are a hindrance for relations on the basis of trust with the biggest partner countries in the world."

Source: Israel National News