Ukrainian Ambassador: China's Development Poses No Threat

BEIJING, China -- Ukrainian Ambassador in China Sergei Alekseevich Kamyshev said recently that China is taking a path of peaceful development, which will pose no threat to the world, and he hopes the two countries to strengthen technological cooperation.

Making the remarks in an exclusive interview with Xinhua, Kamyshev said China and Ukraine enjoy smooth cooperation in such areas as politics, economy, culture and technology in recent years. The two countries maintain close contacts of high level and develop a stable political relationship.

The government change of Ukraine didn't retard but promote the development of bilateral relations, and bilateral trade last year registered a record-high volume of 3 billion U.S. dollars.

The Ukrainian government believes that the two countries will score new development in political, economic and cultural areas inthe new year, as well as new growth in bilateral trade, Kamyshev noted.

China is paying more and more attention to the role of high andnew technology in its development, and the Chinese leaders put forward the concept of scientific development, he said, adding that Ukraine, with some advantages in science and technology, has a great potential in cooperation with China in science and technology, especially in aerospace and peaceful utilization of atomic energy.

Kamyshev said Ukraine is helping the Ukrainian companies participate in the construction of Chinese nuclear power plants. The two countries can strengthen cooperation in this regard since Ukraine has abundant experience in nuclear power plants building and world-level nuclear power technology including the technology to build turbines.

A seminar on China-Ukraine nuclear power cooperation will be held in the Ukrainian embassy in April this year, according to theambassador, which will attract scientists and businessmen of both countries. The embassy also plans to hold four to five seminars onhow to strengthen China-Ukraine cooperation in such areas as metallurgy, oil and gas exploration, investment and infrastructure construction.

Kamyshev hopes China to invest more in Ukraine, and invites Chinese companies to join the oil and gas exploration in the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov, and to participate in the bid of oil and gas exploration programs in these areas.

Kamyshev also hopes China and Ukraine to cooperate in educationand tourism. There are more than ten thousand overseas Chinese students in Ukraine. He said Ukraine welcomes more Chinese to study in Ukraine, and hopes to sign the agreement promoting Chinese group traveling in Ukraine as early as possible.

As for the so-called "China threat", Kamyshev said he thought the name of "peaceful development" is more suitable. China is not developing its economy at any costs, but focusing more on the quality of growth with highly attention on the protection of environment and social security.

China is taking a right way and a peaceful path, whose development will impose no threat to the world, Kamyshev stressed.

Source: Xinhua