Ukraine Waiting For Answer From Russia On Replacing RosUkrEnergo

WARSAW, Poland -- The Ukrainian government is waiting for an answer from Russia concerning a proposal to replace Switzerland's RosUkrEnergo as the supplier of gas to Ukraine, Prime Minister Yuriy Yekhanurov told reporters on Thursday in Warsaw.

Yuriy Yekhanurov

"I have sent a letter to the head of the Russian government Fradkov requesting that if Russia, which offered us RosUkrEnergo all the time, is not satisfied with RosUkrEnergo, we would happily wait for a replacement.

The best replacement would be Gazprom. I am waiting for an answer to this question," he said.

Industry and Energy Minister Victor Khristenko said earlier that Turkmenistan is planning to increase gas prices in the fall to $100 for 1,000 cubic meters and change the formula for gas prices for gas supplied to Ukraine.

Yekhanurov said he did not see any connection between increasing the price of Turkmen gas for Russia and gas prices for Ukraine.

"I don't entirely understand the connection between what the price will be for Russians," he said.

A Ukrainian delegation will visit Turkmenistan on Saturday to hold talks with the government and Turkmengaz representatives, Yekhanurov said. "We are more interested in the Ukrainian price.

The price of $50 which we signed with Turkmenistan for the first half of the year and $60 per 1,000 cubic meters for the second half," he said.

Source: Interfax News