PM Of Ukraine On Pro-European Course Of Ukraine

WARSAW, Poland -- Ukraine will continue its course towards Europe after the parliamentary election on March 26, Ukrainian Prime Minister Yuriy Yekhanurov said in Warsaw on Friday.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Yuriy Yekhanurov (L) with EU President José Manuel Barroso (R)

All parties except the communists support the course towards Europe, Yekhanurov told a meeting at the Centre of International Relations, Europap informed.

Yekhanurov said there was near-unanimity in Ukraine on seeking closer relations with the European Union but views remained divided over joining NATO.

NATO's membership has been supported by not more than a third of Ukrainians. Many people do not understand why the membership of the alliance is important for Ukraine and some political forces take advantage of these moods, the Ukrainian prime minister said.

Ukraine has changed. The level of democracy has gone up, the Ukrainian PM said and expressed the hope that the years after the forthcoming elections will give the occasion to conduct necessary reforms.

Yekhanurov appealed to the EU to simplify visa procedures for Ukrainians, especially young people, tourists and businessmen. EU citizens do not have to apply for a visa while travelling to Ukraine, he said and stressed Ukraine expected appropriate steps from the EU.

Source: ForUm