MTV To Launch In Ukraine

KIEV, Ukraine -- MTV will launch a Ukrainian version of the popular global music channel later this year. "MTV Ukraine will be joining the family," Dean Possenninskie, a vice president who oversees developing markets for MTV Europe, told a press conference in Kiev on Friday.

He did not specify the date of the launch.

The 24-hour channel will be broadcast in Ukrainian and will feature both local and international music acts, officials said.

"We will try to maximize the percentage of videos and shows that will be made by Ukrainian talents while at the same time showing Ukrainian youth what has been done throughout the world," Gennady Borisov, general manager for MTV Ukraine, said.

The MTV music channel debuted in the United States in August 1981 with the video of the hit song "Video Killed the Radio Star" by the British duo The Buggles.

It is now broadcast in 22 languages in 167 countries throughout the world.

Source: AFP


Karina said…
i think that it is a great idea because MTV is a popular show and everyone will enjoy it, i was adopted from ukraine 8 years ago i was an orphan so Ukraine MTV is a great idea