ESCO Condemns Ukraine's Expulsing 11 Uzbek Refugees

BRUSSELS, Belgium -- The European Security and Collaboration Organization (ESCO) condemned Ukraine for the expulsion of 11 Uzbekistan born refugees, who were captured in an operation at the beginning of the week, conducted by the Crimean Autonomous Republican security teams.

An Uzbek refugee receives bread at a refugee camp outside the Kyrgyz village of Barash

In his statement ESCO Term President Belgium Foreign Minister Karel De Gucht said “This forcible repatriation of asylum seekers constitutes a serious violation of the principle of non-refoulement and of international commitments undertaken by Ukraine, namely the 1951 UN Refugee Convention and the 1984 Convention Against Torture to both of which Ukraine is signatory “

Gucht, expressing that he was sad Ukraine did not keep the promises it made to the United Nations, asked Ukraine to give information about the expulsion of the 11 Uzbekistan refugees.

On the other hand, National Refugees Working Group “Pro “Asyl” asked the European Union and German Government to end all relations with Ukraine.

In an operation by the security teams towards illegal people at the beginning of the week, 11 people, who were claimed to take part in the Andican events in Uzbekistan, were arrested. They had been expelled with the “Simferopol-Tashkent” aircraft because of allegedly entering the country illegally.

Source: Zaman Online