Death And Taxes

KIEV, Ukraine -- “Nothing is certain but death and taxes,” wrote Benjamin Franklin in 1789. His words speak to everyone living in Ukraine today.

Benjamin Franklin on $100 banknote

While progress has been made, Ukrainians remain highly taxed. We all feel it every day, regardless of the type of taxation: VAT, import, telecommunications and the list goes on.

Taxation is so high and complicated to abide by at times that millions of Ukrainians have chosen to break the law rather than comply with the punitive nature of the tax regime in Ukraine today.

Surprisingly, there is not a single political party that has come out with a clear promise to lower taxes, letting Ukrainians keep more of their hard-earned money.

Meanwhile, influential businesses continue to bypass the complications and weight of Ukraine’s tax system using loopholes and clout, while millions of voters continue to lurk in the shadows.

Most political parties on the scene are pushing agendas appealing to emotions, not policies.

The populists and pundits in Ukraine’s political arena have failed to speak on concrete issues that affect everyday voters, opting often to focus on regional gas wars, pledging unrealistic salary and pension raises, etc.

Nice ideas and pretty pictures. But if any party wants support from the average Ukrainian, just promise to stop taking so much of their hard-earned money.

Not only will you win their votes, but if you succeed in reducing taxes, you will also clean up the country’s large shadow economy and fuel economic growth.

Source: Kyiv Post