Crimea Puts Out Russia’s Tongue

CRIMEA, Ukraine -- For Yanukovich! election bloc of Crimea that endeavors to win the state language status for Russian in Ukraine is ready to stage civil protest rallies in Crimea.

An activist of For Motherland! movement holds a poster reading: "Crimea is the lighthouse of Russia!" during a rally staged near the embassy of Ukraine

This militant sentiment of the bloc activists stems from the protest of Crimean prosecutors against resolution of Crimean Supreme Rada re: convening the consultative referendum on the Russian language status in the republic.
In the Supreme Rada of Crimea, the issue of referendum was spearheaded by For Yanukovich! bloc of the Party of Regions and Russian Bloc. The bloc gathered around 300,000 signatures in referendum’s support from January 5 to February 5.

The issue faced severe opposition of Crimean PM Anatoly Burdyugov and the deputies of pro-president’s Our Ukraine People’s Union. Nevertheless, of 62 deputies present at that parliament’s sitting, 53 deputies voted for holding the referendum on March 26, just in time of the parliamentary elections. During the referendum, respondents will be offered to answer whether they back up assigning to Russian the status of the second state language.

Straight after voting, Crimean Prosecutor Viktor Shemchuk lodged a protest to the parliament of Crimea, saying “determining and changing the constitutional system in Ukraine is the exclusive right of the people,” and that holding the local referendum on any changes in the state language is beyond the authority of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, and that results of such referendums will be acknowledged invalid.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko talked over the referendum in the phone conversation on February 23. Yushchenko said Ukraine has no problems with development of languages and emphasized that the state language in Ukraine is exactly the Ukrainian language.

Source: Kommersant


be careful not to antagonise Russia like Georgia did.Good blog