Yushchenko Receives Telamone Prize in Italy for Development of Peace

KIEV, Ukraine -- Ukraine’s president has received the International Telamone Prize. The prize founded in the Italian city of Agrigento has been granted to Viktor Yushchenko for his role in favor of Europe.

Ukraine President Viktor Yushchenko

The statement made by the Ukrainian embassy to Italy quoted by Ukrainian media said the prize points to Yushchenko’s “inestimable role and significant endowment in the development of ideas in support of solidarity, cooperation and peace.”

The Telamone Prize was founded in 1977. It was granted to the Czech leader Vaclav Havel and to the lower house of the Russian parliament, the State Duma, the Ukrainian media pointed out.

Yushchenko has received several foreign awards. For instance, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II granted him with a new award founded by the Chatham House (the Royal Institute of the International Affairs), for the endowment in the development of international relations. Earlier, Yushchenko received the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award.

Source: MosNews