Ukraine To Eliminate Last Strategic Backfire Bomber

KIEV, Ukraine -- Ukraine will eliminate on Friday the last strategic Backfire bomber Tu-22M3 and its X-22 cruise missiles.

Strategic Backfire bomber Tu-22M3

After the collapse of the Soviet Union Ukraine inherited 60 Tu-22 bombers (17 Tu-22M2 and 43 Tu-22M3) and 423 X-22 cruise missiles.

Their elimination began in 2002 according to the 1993 agreement with the United States on the elimination of strategic nuclear weapons and nuclear non-proliferation. The elimination program cost some 11 million dollars.

The elimination “confirms the course of Kiev at an unconditional fulfillment of international obligations, in particular, the voluntary refusal of nuclear weapons and the reduction of strategic offensive armaments”, the defense ministry told Tass.

The Tu-22M3 bomber has a range of 7,000 kilometers and can carry three air-to- surface cruise X-22 missiles

Source: Itar-Tass