Russia’s Black Sea Fleet Defends Lighthouses

MOSCOW, Russia -- Kiev accused Moscow yesterday of violating the accords of the stationing of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in the Crimea after Russia's Black See Fleet Headquarters beefed up the security of lighthouses blockading them by Russian military hardware.

Russian marines stand guard by the lighthouse at the Cape of Sarych

Ukrainian Foreign Minister, in his turn, demanded that Russia stop authorized movement of military unites through the country, and the Defense Ministry threatened to join the NATO soon.

The Russia-Ukrainian row over lighthouses and hydrographic objects in the Crimea is still raging on. Russian Defense Minister Sergey Ivan ordered yesterday to tighten the security of the Russian military’s lighthouse and blockade the approaches to some of them by armored vehicles.

Kiev’s reaction was immediate. The spokesman for the Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vasily Filipchyuk slammed Moscow for violating the accords on the deployment of the Russian troops in Ukraine. “The unauthorized movement of military units of another state in our territory is a serious violation of the inter-state agreement on the terms of the Russian Black Sea Fleet’s presence in Ukraine.

Any movement of military units outside the place of their deployment is possible only with a sanction of Ukraine’s state bodies,” Filipchyuk said.

Ukraine has an important trump against Russia in the navigation property dispute. As Ukraine’s Defense Minister Anatoly Gritsenko stated during his visit to Hungary, his country “has entered the final stage of gaining the status of NATO member-country.”

The Ukrainians thus made it clear whose military are to replace Russia marines in the Crimea.

Source: Kommersant