Russia, Ukraine Reach Agreement on Nuclear Sector Cooperation

MOSCOW, Russia -- Ukraine and Russia have reached a number of agreements on cooperation in the nuclear sector for the coming years, the Ukrainian Fuel and Energy Ministry’s press service was quoted by Interfax.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Yuriy Yekhanurov

At a meeting in Kiev on Saturday, Ukrainian Fuel and Energy Minister Ivan Plachkov, the head of the Russian Federal Atomic Energy Agency, Sergey Kiriyenko, and the chairman of the State Committee for Nuclear Regulation of Ukraine, Olena Mykolaychuk, exchanged information on the development of the nuclear energy sector for the next 10 years, the progress of and plans for creating new projects for nuclear power plants, BBC News reported.

The meeting participants discussed cooperation and ties between Ukrainian and Russian companies in nuclear fuel production, including the development of a raw material base by raising the extraction and production of uranium in Ukraine.

The sides said that the joint use of scientific, technical and production potential, and also of the raw material base enables the two countries to develop the nuclear energy sector.

The sides said that one of the main areas for developing cooperation and ties in the nuclear energy sector between Russia and Ukraine is stepping up the safety of nuclear power plants currently operating in Russia and Ukraine, their upgrading and extending their service life.

Following the meeting, the Enerhoatom Ukrainian national energy company and the Russian TVEL company approved methods of pricing fresh nuclear fuel for 2006 and the following years.

The sides agreed to set up a high-level group within the framework of the subcommission for nuclear energy and nuclear materials by 1 February 2006 to coordinate their activities in boosting cooperation and ties in the nuclear energy sector between Russia and Ukraine.

The meeting participants also agreed to help create economically beneficial conditions for companies and scientific and design organizations which will promote the development of Russian- Ukrainian relations in the nuclear energy sector.

The sides agreed to hold a conference in Crimea in June 2006 to present Russian and Ukrainian nuclear complexes.

Agreement was also reached to hold a meeting in Moscow on 10 February to set prospects and draft plans for cooperation in mastering uranium extraction techniques.

A protocol was signed following the meeting.

Source: MosNews