Russia Says Ukraine Threatens National Security

CRIMEA, Ukraine -- Commandeering of Russian Black Sea Fleet infrastructure in Ukraine should not be left unanswered.

A view of Sarych Lighthouse, Crimea

As reported by RIA News, Constantine Kosachov, Russia's Foreign Affairs committee chairman, announced.

According to Kosachov, commandeering of the lighthouses is not just a matter of interstate relations between Russia and Ukraine, but it is a question of Russian national security.

“We cannot leave such actions unanswered. We must adequately react to them, including harsh measures,” said he.

According to Kosachov, the issue is not about going to war against Ukraine, “but Russian rented infrastructure until 2017, must be defended by all available means.”

Kosachov voiced hope that the use of harsh methods can be avoided and the situation will solve itself after the March elections take place in Ukraine.

The Russian Federation’s Black Sea Fleet military headquarters moved four marine units – each consisting of 15 soldiers armed and with provisions – inside the four main lighthouses on the Black Sea coast.

The Sarych lighthouse was reinforced with an armored personnel carrier. Additionally, perimeter zones were established at each of the four lighthouses.

Source: Ukrayinska Pravda