Ukraine Sees First Brut Champagne Launched

ODESSA, Ukraine -- The first batch of Brut champagne-style wines has been launched in Ukraine as rising incomes begin to open up a market for more premium drinks.

Odessa Brut champagne

The Odessa factory of champagne and sparkling wines, a subsidiary of Overline and a well-established producer on the Ukrainian market, created the new range.

"This is a logical step in the further development of champagne under the Odessa trademark, in order to satisfy the needs of a growing number of admirers of the noble champagne drink,” said Vladimir Belokonev, wine direction manager at Overline.

The originality of this offer on the Ukrainian market lies in manufacturing brut from specific grape varieties. The collection is made from Pinot, Chardonnay, Riesling and Traminer.

Odessa's Brut is made in a non-traditional way for the Ukrainian market, thus stressing its originality and its plan to attract mainly appreciative connoisseurs.

And the group hopes that rising disposable incomes in the Ukraine, particularly since country joined the EU, will benefit the Brut range.

"Frankly speaking, Brut is an image project,” said Belokonev. “We consider that in the near future, consumers will become more interested in this category of champagne, although today, just like 20 years ago, the sales leader is semi-sweet champagne. But, increasing incomes will benefit Brut.”

The Odessa factory increased champagne manufacture by 67 per cent, or 2.88m litres, in 2004.

And the firm was 31,000 litres up after the first nine months of 2005 compared to the same period last year. Odessa champagne and sparkling wines occupy about 14 per cent of the Ukraine market.

Overline was created in 1994, and by 2001 it dealt with buying and selling grains (including for distilleries).

The assortment of the products it makes includes: different sorts of vodka – Myagkov and Shturman; low-alcoholic cocktails and wines. Myagkov vodka makes up about half of Overline's total sales volume, thanks to Ukraine's $1bn vodka market.

Source: CEE Food Industry