Ukraine Forks Out $12 Million For President’s Luxury Plane

KIEV, Ukraine -- Ukraine has raised 12 million dollars to finance the purchase of a luxury plane for President Viktor Yushchenko. Amber, mahogany and 18 carat gold were used in the interior of the presidential An-74 plane, the Ukrainian newspaper Segodnya wrote on Monday.

An-74 plane

The aircraft is currently being tested at the Kharkov aircraft plant. In designing the interior or the plane, designers took into consideration the taste of Yushchenko’s wife.

The lining is in light colors with an incrustation of rare gems. All elements made of metal, like handles or lamps, are made of gold against the initial plans were to make them of silver. However, “Katerina Yushchenko insisted on gold,” the newspaper wrote.

Earlier the president’s property manager, Ihor Tarasyuk, said there was no money in the country for the plane.

Source: ITAR-Tass


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