Red Tape in Ukraine Holds Up Baby Aid

CUMBERNAULD, Scotland -- A charity worker who bought an incubator for Ukrainian babies has been told to stump up £320 ($550) before customs will release it to the hospital, according to Sunday Mail.

Dad-of-two, Jim Gillies, 64, raised £500 ($865) to buy the refurbished machinery so he could donate it to the maternity ward of a hospital in Kiev, in the Ukraine.

It would have been the first incubator in the hospital and could have saved the lives of hundreds of premature babies. But customs officials have impounded it and claim Jim must pay a further £320 ($550) before it can be handed over.

Mr Gillies, an electrician of Cumbernauld, had already paid £300 ($520) to a courier firm to make sure the equipment left Scotland and reached the Ukraine in one piece.

He said: "The incubator is to save children in Ukraine, yet their own officials are refusing to let it go. "Premature babies face an hour and a half journey to the next hospital which does have the right equipment.

"For a delicate baby, that trip can mean the difference between life and death.

Source: Sunday Mail


reddy said…
sir, veteran charity fund in kyiv is approaching to you by giving helping hand in customs release of incubators through humanitarian profile,if you can provide incubators to hospitls and save lives of neo-natal,we shall be glad to work with you in future.thank you,