Major Player Behind Ukraine’s Orange Revolution Quits As Presidential Aide

KIEV, Ukraine -- Ukrainian presidential aide Vladislav Kaskiv has resigned from his post, saying in a statement that his work was incompatible with his participation in the parliamentary elections.

Vladislav Kaskiv

Kaskiv is the leader of Pora party that rose to prominence during the so-called Orange Revolution last December when Viktor Yushchenko became president.

Yushchenko initially lost to his rival, PM Viktor Yanukovich who was supported by Russia, but after a scandal linked to the falsification of election results and mass protests in the country, Yushchenko won a repeat poll. Pora was one of the main movements behind the revolution.

Kaskiv now plans to concentrate his efforts on forming an effective parliamentary majority and the creation of a “reform government” after the elections.

He also asked to for his salary to be rescinded for the last three months because he was unable to fulfill his duties suitably during that period.

Source: MosNews


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