Kodak Assvertising

KIEV, Ukraine -- Assvertising was so great you knew it would be copied. Who knew Kodak would be the one to stoop so low? That's like butterscotch-giving-grandpa hitting on your girlfriend - and stealing her (true story).

Apparently, Kodak used the derriere media placement during a photo convention in Kiev, Ukraine. At least two hot women were hired to wear ridiculously short mini skirts with Kodak logoed panties underneath and then drop things on the convention floor and pick them up.

It's so off-brand one is inclined to think its an unauthorized effort by a sub promo company. If so, someone should spank them.

Crass sexuality seems to be a particularly Russian obsession, like the company that forced its top female managers to pose in a nude calendar distributed to its clients.

Source: TheSpunker


Anonymous said…
Kodak's Corporate Responsibility Principles state:

"At Kodak, we operate with a firm commitment to ethical practices. We live up to our role as a corporate citizen by creating products and services that promote individual development, safe work facilities, and respect for the environment. Kodak employees are committed to ethical, responsible conduct -- behaviors that create value for shareholders, customers, and our communities."

It's obvious that the Russian or Ukrainian managers who came up with this sexist idea, never read Kodak's principles.

Kodak should fire the managers responsible for this.