Czech Employment Offices Might Appear In Ukraine

PRAGUE, Czech Republic -- The Czech Interior Ministry is planning to open employment offices in Ukraine in the future that would recruit workers for Czech companies, according to a series of its proposals, as reported by the daily Hospodarske noviny that has these proposals at its disposal.

Prague, Czech Republic

The paper writes today that the proposals are designed to radically change the approach to foreign workers. They testify that the authorities' attitude to foreigners who work in the Czech Republic illegally is changing, it says. .

While foreign workers were labelled as criminals in the past, authorities are beginning to view them as exploited victims of people trafficking, it adds.

The very first proposal would radically change the current practice that allows criminal elements and the "clients" labour agencies offering illegal refugees as cheap workforce to Czech firms, to make profits on their ill fate.

The Interior Ministry intends to introduce "the Portuguese model," under which the Czech Interior Ministry would try to establish Czech employment offices, for instance at its embassy in Ukraine. These offices would not only recruit employees for work in the Czech Republic, but would also ensure their transportation and accommodation.

Thousands of the current illegal foreign workers would thus surfaced from the grey economy and the "clients," who take away most of the money they earn in the Czech Republic for similar services, would be pushed out of the running.

"Illegal employment of foreigners is on such a wide-scale in the country that mere repressive measures will not help eliminate it," Jakub Svec from the Interior Ministry says regarding the ministry's new strategy.

The government will discuss the new proposals next year.

According to estimates, more than 100,000 Ukrainians work either legally or illegally in the 10-million Czech Republic at present.

The most resourceful Ukrainians who fled Ukraine due to its poverty and low salaries have established "client" agencies in the Czech Republic in the past years to exploit their compatriots who came later and have no chance of getting work there without their help.

Source: Prague Daily Monitor